Naruto “Part of The Day” Harmonica Tablature

Parts of The Day
by Suta Amasha


Naruto was one of my favourite anime series. it’s not just the excellent story, characters, and interesting themes that has enveloped my interest. In fact, the first thing I noticed about Naruto (and fell in love with the anime) was the excellent music featured in the series, with it’s excellent use of flute, drums and guitar.

Before starting the tablature I should give some background information to the anime series. Naruto stars a young ninja whom the anime is named after. As he was born, a terrible fox demon as known as Kyuubi attacked his village Konohagakure and left with no other option, one of the village’s strongest ninja known as the Fourth Hokage, Yondaime was forced to seal the fox demon inside of the human body, thus the boy, Naruto. As Naruto grows, he is feared and detested by the villagers who believe him to be the fox demon itself, when all Naruto really wants is acceptance. The anime series is the tale of Naruto who wants to become Hokage, the strongest ninja in Konoha in effort to show everyone that he is not as they perceive him to be.

All the music for the Naruto soundtrack was composed and arranged by Toshio Masuda. He`s a name I was familiar with Excel Saga and Mahoromatic. Toshio Masuda does an excellent job in bringing Naruto to live with the Japanese instrument-especially the flute. I was quite surprised that Masuda-san doing such great job, the character and battle themes of Naruto were so important in setting up the story and conveying the drama of the series and all that part fit with his track. Keep up the good work Masuda-san (^.^)6 Ganbatte

Naruto Original Sountrack List :

1 R O C K S
2 Orega Naruto dattebayo!
3 Kyuubino Youko
4 Asa
5 Naruto no nichijyou
6 Kinchou
7 Wakiagaru toushi
8 Aito hi
9 Kodoku
10 Sakura no Theme
11 Kakashi no Theme
12 Oiroke
13 Ikeike Naruto
14 Yuugure
15 Kouchaku jyoutai
16 Kyouni shishite jyu
17 Ressei
18 Gekito geki
19 Gyakuten
20 Shouri

In my opinion Naruto OST is great album. In all, this album far exceeded my expectations. The action themes are some of the best I’ve ever heard, atmospheric and exciting.

I would write two tabs for now that fits with the theme
1. Asa ( Morning ) track list no.4
2. Yuugure ( Evening ) track list no. 14

Here you go \(^o\) (/o^)/ Bitte Sehr

Arranged and composed by Toshio Masuda

Asa ( Asa which means something like “morning” according to one translation ) was one of my favourite track. This bittersweet melody makes great use of a piano, with the same ten or so notes repeating throughout the song. For the real hit in the middle song, track with a burst of inspiring flute and two hits off drum kit are in nearly every verse.
Note about the tab:
No bend note ( for diatonic harp ) and no slide in note ( for chromatic harp ), so this tab are easy to play on. Good for the beginner (^-^) who wants to play one clean and clear single note.

( Listen to the song to get it right )


The next point of this theme is evening that have similarity with morning except use of foreign instruments that I’m not familiar with, but they sound cool anyways. Looking over it now, I’m not sure I’ve heard a single piano in this soundtrack.
I think “Evening” was fairly difficult ( originally it`s used for flute ) to come by with your harp, but that`s the point of the interest. Ist ja interresant !
Ich erzahle dir die Wahrheit.o(^_-)O
Note about the tab:
Play with your diatonic harp use bending hole 3 from b down to A.
For charomatic there`s no slide in button used and that would be easy as pie.

That`s the end “parts of the day” tablature. I will continue the other original soundtrack`s tabs in another theme soon enough.

Die Abende sind eine produktive Zeit fur mich und Ich hast viel zu arbeiten.
(^_^)/Bis gleich


I do not own Naruto or any intellectual property pertaining to this anime and manga series. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this article are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.


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